Mesopotamia for Communications and Information Technology a leading supplier and system integrator of wired/wireless communications and networking systems based on the latest technologies. we have a high experienced professional management team and a carefully selected staff to provide superior services and excel operations. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the most reliable and cost effective solutions to our clients.


  • Latest B11 Device Firmware Release 1.4.6
  • Latest B5/B5c Device Firmware Release 1.4.6
  • Latest B5-Lite Device Firmware Release 1.4.6
  • Latest A5/A5c Device Firmware Release 2.4.0  (New Update Released)
  • Latest C5/C5c Device Firmware Release 2.4.0 (New Update Released)
  • Latest C5c PTP Device Firmware Release 2.4.0-PTP (New Update Released)